The Best Virtual Art Museum Tours for Kids

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to see famous works of art created by Vincent Van Goh, Frida Kahlo, or Pablo Picasso? Here’s a little secret: sometimes seeing them in person is not all it’s cracked up to be. Don’t get us wrong; there is something thrilling about being in a room with a masterpiece, but lots of times it means having to stand on tiptoes, or waiting in line, or just catching a glimpse from across the room.

The good news is, thanks to the internet, you can visit some of the world’s best museums online without even leaving your house– no standing on tiptoes required! Many museum sites, including all the sites we’ve listed here, even offer special programming just for kids.

Whether you have an hour or an afternoon, here are our picks for the best museum sites for kids to explore.


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 

The video series Country Dog Gentlemen travel to extraordinary worlds  takes you on adventures to learn about famous artworks curated by the museum.






Tate Modern in London, England 

Tate Kids has all kinds of art activities, games, artists, and galleries! Fun for kids and adults!






The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City 

In Met Kids you can explore the museum, watch a variety of videos, and hop in an art time machine.









The Museum of Modern Art in New York City 

MOMA Destination ModernArt – Interact with art in the MOMA by going on a journey with an alien!






Getty Museum in Los Angeles 

Getty Games Visit the museum and play free online games with Getty Art.








Art Institute of Chicago 

Curious Corner – Interactive games to help you learn stories behind art, match shapes and sounds to art, and play with historical works of art.


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