Teachers Turned Social Media Stars: Our Favorite Art Teachers to Follow

Ever notice how elementary school art teachers are a breed all their own? It takes a certain kind of person to maintain and manage the creative needs and whims of hundreds of young learners a day.

While we’re thankful that a busy day at our art tables means seeing twenty or thirty young artists (rather than two or three hundred!), we still identify heavily with our colleagues in the school system: we share the common goal of putting art and music in the hands and hearts of kids who need it (which is: all of them!)

Right now, there are so many amazing art teachers who have developed steady followings on the web. Our Arts For LIfe staff sure have their favorites! Here’s our short list of who’s doing it the best.

Cassie Stephens

BlogYoutube | Instagram | Podcast | Facebook | tiktok

Cassie Stephens is an art teacher who chronicles the happenings of her classroom, including the art projects her students make, how she designs her space, and maybe most intriguing of all– her amazing art-inspired wardrobe!


Traveling Art Room

Blog | Youtube | Instagram

Traveling Art Room is the brainchild of Alexia Lounds, who has a created an impressive archive of art video lessons. She uses fun voice filters and music during her lessons to keep kids engaged.




Art Room Glitter Fairy 

Youtube | Instagram 

Sarah Krajewski is an art teacher who shares her fantastic art lesson videos on Instagram and YouTube. We especially love her mantra “I am positive. I am creative. I am mindful. I am amazing. I am an artist.”




2 Art Chambers

Youtube | Instagram

Lauralee Chambers is an elementary school art teacher who loves to share her colorful student artwork. Her Instagram is sure to brighten up your feed!




Deep Space Sparkle

Blog | Youtube | Instagram | Podcast | Facebook 

Teacher Patty Palmer has created this site geared toward art teachers and parents who are facilitating art lessons. The blog is full of teaching tips, downloadables, and art lessons sorted by  grades K-6.







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