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September Playlist: Afterschool Arts Club

Imagine yourself in the art  room of your school with a group of your creative friends. It’s after school hours and the rain is beating down outside the window. You are painting, playing, drawing, sculpting, humming, dancing, smiling together, alongside one another. You are totally present, totally in the moment; there is nowhere you’d rather be. 

If that scene has a soundtrack, (and of course it does!) this is what it would sound like for our Arts For Life team. 

Inspired by the start of an unusual school year, and by the many young artists we serve who have never experienced school as status-quo, we asked Arts For Life staff to share the songs that evoke that feeling– the feeling of sharing space, time, and energy with like-minded creative people who inspire and support one another. 

We want to invite you to join us there too, in our Afterschool Arts Club, where the music is good, it’s all about the process, and art is for everyone.

Turn it on, turn it up, and create with us!

Enjoying our musical taste? Check out a few more of our favorite musicians over on the blog: North Carolina Musicians to Follow: Melissa’s picks


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