We looked all over the web to find online activities that are unique, dynamic, and engaging, or in other words: up to Arts For Life standards! This list we compiled has a little something for everyone from the very youngest artists to those with a little more experience.

For the pre-K crowd


Scrap Coloring
While this is technically a “coloring” page site, we like it because it goes a step beyond basic digital coloring, allowing kids to play with color schemes, patterns, and gradients. It’s a great introduction to basic color theory and pattern. Plus there are tons of designs to ‘color’: enough to keep tiny hands busy for at least a little while. You can play on: computer (with mouse), tablet and mobile (with touch)




For school-aged kids


Toy Theater Art
We found this site to be a treasure-trove of arts entertainment; there are enough activities here to engage kids for hours! We especially liked the pattern block game for the youngest kids, to help them learn shape and color. The drawing games like the snowflake and spirograph are fun to use to experiment with repetition and symmetry. The animation and building games offer older kids an introduction to more complex 3D design concepts.
You can play on: computer (with mouse), tablet and mobile (with touch)







This is a very simple, stripped-down site that offers drawing tools you’ve never seen before. It’s mesmerizing and fascinating to try the different settings and create layers of color and pattern. It’s a great activity for exploration and settling the mind.
You can play on: computer only (with mouse)





For teens + adults 


Color — Method of Action
If you really want to challenge your advanced color theory knowledge, this color-matching game, though a little complicated to catch onto at first, quickly becomes addictive. It would be great for a little friendly competition between family members to see who has the best eye for color! Computer (with mouse), mobile or tablet (with touch)

Bonus: Free Online Color Challenge and Hue Test This is also a cool site for determining your “color IQ.”

You can play on: computer (with mouse) or tablet (with touch)






Kern Type, the kerning game
For those who love lettering and graphic design — or even just pride yourself on being detail-oriented — this letter-spacing challenge is pretty interesting. (psst…and once you master that, you can move onto Shape Type, the letter shaping game)

You can play on: computer (with mouse) or tablet (with touch)


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