Collage Thank You Notes

If you followed along with our  “Thank You, Omu” Cityscape Collage Lessonyou might be left with two things: 1) some beautiful leftover paper scraps AND

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Design Word Tangles

If you take a simple word and spend some time looking at it in a different way, your perspective may change. In this lesson, we’ll

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Paper Square Crowns

Have you ever imagined that you were a queen or a king? With this project, you can take your imagination to the next level. You

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Doodle Fish

Do you DOODLE? Doodling is the process of moving your pencil (or pen, or marker, or crayon) around on the page without thinking about it

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Mandala Snails

Mandala is a Sanskrit word loosely translated to mean circle or center, but mandalas are much more than a shape!  A circular design with no

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Bug Finger Puppets

This lesson is all about creatures! With simple materials and these steps, you can make a working finger puppet at home. Materials Cardstock/paper, pre-cut into

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