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Design Word Tangles

This lesson is designed for: Elementary
The lesson medium is: Drawing

If you take a simple word and spend some time looking at it in a different way, your perspective may change.

In this lesson, we’ll take the familiar word LOVE and write it very large on paper so that it divides the paper into spaces that we will fill with patterns.

(psst…we loved this project so much, we made a video about it! Click here to see Cara teaching Design Word Tangles)

Before You Start

Take some time to think about the meaning of the word LOVE. Now let’s expand our ideas about the word love. 

  • Think of how love applies not just to people in your family, but to people in other neighborhoods, other cultures, and other countries. 
  • How can you treat people who might look differently from you with love? 
  • How can you fight racism and discrimination by spreading love? 
  • How can you show love even when we disagree with someone? 


  • Thick white paper or cardstock
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black permanent marker
  • Optional: markers, colored pencils, crayons, or paint



With a pencil, starting at the bottom left corner of your paper, draw the first letter in the word LOVE: L. Your letter should touch both the bottom and left side of your paper.

Continue writing O-V-E, stretching your letters so that the E in ends up touching the right side of your paper. Make sure that each letter touches the letter before it, while ALSO connecting to either the top or bottom of the paper. You do not want any letters floating in the middle.

Use a black marker to trace over your pencil lines, to make them THICK.

Your paper will now be divided into smaller sections.

Fill in each section with a different design or pattern.

Tweak It!

You can do this project with your name to the name of someone you admire.

Use markers, colored pencils, or paint to add color to your completed project.

Love by young artist, Kaylee.



A pattern is a design in which lines, shapes, forms or colors are repeated. The part that is repeated is called a motif.

Did you make this project?

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