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Collage Thank You Notes

This lesson is designed for: All Ages
The lesson medium is: Collage

If you followed along with our  “Thank You, Omu” Cityscape Collage Lessonyou might be left with two things: 1) some beautiful leftover paper scraps AND 2) a feeling of gratitude toward someone in your life! So, let’s use our leftover papers to create a Thank You Note!

If you want to hear more about our inspiration for this project, get a link to the Thank You, Omu! read-aloud, and/or walk through the steps of an easy method for creating your own collaging papers, check out the original post, and then come back here for the next steps!

In the end of “Thank You, Omu!” everyone shares something with Omu -even the little boy, who writes a thank you note. Who could you write a thank you note to in your community? Let’s do it!






Pick a full sheet of construction paper for your card, and fold it in half. Using the side of your crayon, rub color all over the front side of your card. Use multiple colors to build up a beautiful texture.







Next, cut your scraps into small strips of paper, to begin building your letters. Most letters can be created out of straight lines, but some will need some rounded cuts. “THANK YOU!” is an easy message, with only 2 rounded letters.







Parent Note For Beginners: cut strips of paper for your child, and show them how to create letters out of each strip. Your child may need help with the letters that are not made out of straight lines!








As you form each letter, lay it on the front of your card, without gluing, so that you can make sure each letter will fit. Once you have each letter where you like it, glue it down!







Now that you are done with your letters, you may have several little tiny scraps. How could you use those in your thank you note? Add some extra designs to the front, or line the inside of your card?

Once you are done, write your note of gratitude to the person in your life! 






A Few Ideas for working with Kids

  • If the kid in your life is too young to form letters – encourage them to create beautiful papers, and turn their papers into letters yourself!
  • Make several of these notes with the whole family! Everyone can participate in their own special way: each person could work on one step, or you can each make your own card.

Conversation While Creating


  • Oge Mora was inspired by her grandmother’s generosity. She says “Everyone in the community had a seat at my grandmother’s table.” Is there someone you know that is generous like that?
  • Omu shared ALL of her soup with the neighbors, leaving none for herself! We don’t want to go hungry, but how could we sacrifice a little bit of our comfort to help the people in our neighborhoods? 
  • When Omu helps others, others help Omu in return. Has this ever happened to you?

Oge Mora

is a black artist and author whose books celebrate the lives of black people. Check out some more of our favorite Artists Who Celebrate Black Lives over on our blog!

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