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Abstract Faces

This lesson is designed for: All Ages
The lesson medium is: Drawing

Abstract Art doesn’t look real (like a photograph), but represents real things using shapes, lines + colors. These abstract faces have large, simple facial features + are broken up into shapes, filled in with fun colors. Follow along for simple steps to draw an abstract face + for lots of ideas for how to make yours unique!

~ Abstract art helps us remember there is no wrong way to create art ~


  • watercolor paper
  • pencil + eraser
  • permanent marker
  • watercolor paints
  • paintbrushes
  • water cup + paper towels

Want to skip the painting and simply color in your face? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • paper
  • pencil + eraser
  • coloring materials of your choice


Starting with your pencil, follow step-by-step to draw a basic abstract face. The red line indicates the next step.

This is YOUR artwork – leave out anything you don’t want to include!

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

Make your abstract face unique by adding details!

Hair! Here are a few different examples:


Eyes! You can leave them plain, or add details. Examples:


Face Details! Want to add cheeks? Eyelids? Eye Lashes? Smile lines? Nostrils? Ear-insides? Examples:


More Details! Want to add jewelry? Shoulders? Clothing? Anything in the background? Examples:


If you drew your face with pencil, you can now choose to go over your lines with a black marker.


If you are planning to paint your face be SURE to use a permanent marker! Otherwise a regular marker will do.

Grown-Up Tip: have a beginner artist draw with a pencil, and when they’re done, YOU can go over the lines for them. This gives beginners the freedom to “mess up” with the opportunity to erase, and is a good option for artists that aren’t yet trusted with a permanent marker. 


When your drawing is finished, fill it in with color!

Use any materials you want to color in your face. Remember, this is an abstract face – it can be fun to use wild colors that don’t look realistic!



Created by 6 year old Vivian

watercolor, pencil, permanent marker 

on watercolor paper



Here are more examples of finished abstract faces:









colored pencil crayon        marker



patterns drawn with crayon first

watercolor on top





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