Explore these Extraordinary Symphonies…in Your Pajamas!

Major cities across the globe have symphony orchestras, all of them featuring breathtaking professional musicians, amazing classical and original compositions, and flawless performances. Lucky for us, many of these orchestras have online presences, and several even have websites specifically geared for kids. From kid-friendly games and programs to unprecedented up-close viewing opportunities, here are some sites that made us swell with musical inspiration.


San Francisco Symphony 

You can join the San Francisco Symphony for kids to discover, listen, play, perform, conduct or compose. A whole world of symphonic music for you to explore! Ever wonder if there’s a pattern to the way a conductor moves their baton? There is! We loved learning about that here.




New York Philharmonic

In the New York Philharmonic Kidzone there are five ‘rooms’ for kids to explore: the game room, instrument storage room, dressing room, instrument lab, and composers gallery. Our favorite part? Learning about some very young composers.


Dallas Symphony Orchestra 

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids has a listen + learn page where you can watch videos and learn about instruments and composers. There’s an activity page too, with several make-your-own instrument challenges. We want to try the DIY buzzing brass mouthpiece.)




London Symphony Orchestra 

You can watch the London Symphony Orchestra performances from multiple viewpoints! We watched Stravinsky’s Rite of  Spring, which premiered in Paris more than 100 years ago, to much fanfare and controversy.



Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra 

The Cincinnati Symphany Orchestra has a page dedicated to ways you can enjoy the symphony from home. We especially enjoyed taking a virtual tour of the Cincinnati Music Hall and listening to performances from the sidewalk!


Did you visit one of these sites?

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