Arts For Life Staff Spotlight: Meet Betsey!

In this series, we’ll highlight the staff members who make up the incredible Arts For Life team.

Home chapter:

Winston-Salem // Brenner Children’s Hospital


What is something you love about your job?

I love working for an organization that believes that art is for everyone, and that with all the changes right now to protect the health of our communities, that art can be done anywhere! Being a part of an innovative team is incredibly inspiring, and it’s been exciting to witness all of our team members come together quickly to find new ways we can reach all of the awesome kids we cannot be with in the hospitals right now.

What is your favorite kind of art to make?

Here’s a set of mixed media embroidery I created last year.

I enjoy drawing still life stacks of books, and do one drawing a month of the books I read. This also encourages me to read more, because the paintings look best with 4+ books. However, my favorite art to make is mixed media fiber arts. I use soft acrylic paint, colored pencils, polymer clay and beads to create embroidery art. I’m using this technique to work on a project this summer to create a geologic map of the moon.



Name one or two artists who inspire you.

Godeleine de Rosamel creates playful sculptures of little imaginary creatures out of clay. She is also a children’s book illustrator and the artwork for those is inspired by her sculptures.


Mayor Olajide is a phenomenal self-trained 17 year old artist that creates large hyperrealist charcoal pencil portraits.




What is your favorite internet art resource ?

The author of one of my favorite books for art projects, Bar Rucci, also has an amazing website, Art Bar, that is full of creative ideas for the whole family.


What is your favorite art supply?

Here’s a book stack still life I made using Derwent Watercolor Pencils.

I really do love all the art supplies, and the shelves in my studio are proof of this! If I had to pick one material from my studio shelf, it would be Derwent Watercolor Pencils I like how you can get the control of a colored pencil, but when you add water it turns your drawing into a painting!



If I had to pick materials from my fibers closet, they would have to be DMC embroidery floss and Benzie wool felt.


If there was a world free from illness and disabilities, where Arts For Life didn’t need to exist,  what kind of job would you have?

I’ve always dreamed of having a farm with alpaca, goats, blacknose sheep, and highland cows, and oodles of dogs and barn cats. There would be an art barn, for art classes and summer camps, and in addition to creating art, students would learn about and interact with the animals.

What are two things you’re grateful for right now?

Daily family walks with my husband, David, my daughter, Emmi, and our dog, Mabel. It’s a great way to end the day, reflect, and be together. We also go on one hike a week to get out in nature.

My dog, Mabel. She’s my constant companion working from home. She’s also a total ham that makes all of us laugh, and she loves to swing!

Mabel in her swing.

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